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Vehicles Break Because Humans Shouldn’t

We all have a passion for our autos. There is no doubt that the car is an incredible invention that has shaped the present era and will continue to grow as an industry. Even when we take a good look at the evolution of engineering and the entire world’s development as a whole, we will quickly realize that autos have a lot to do with it.

Can someone seriously imagine a world without automobiles from now on? It can be easy to forget the fact that right now you can basically travel wherever you choose and at your own pace (with some limits, admittedly, but even so).

But even though automobiles have provided us with convenience, we are slightly governed by them. We must care for their repairs and in a lot of parts of the world you even must own an auto to be able to secure a proper career. And this applies even more so if public transportation is not great or developed in your part of the world.

But despite how much we worry about our personal vehicles, often it all appears quite sketchy. Some elements break so easily, that you question why they won’t simply produce them sturdier. Doors should get dented after a minor scrape. And this is a good question to have. All in all, it’s aggravating to constantly shave funds off your spending budget for a thing that can seemingly be avoided. Scrape of the paint and dings on the surface of your auto appear to happen rather easily. A light push and your bumper can get damaged.

You have likely noticed that older models (last century’s) are a lot more resilient and can handle a hit or two with hardly any stress. And that’s the case not for the reason that they produced them better back then, but due to the fact that they made them with a different point as the primary goal.

Realize, older models were built with the idea to make them truly resilient, so they can resist a hit. But they didn’t take into account physics and the forces that human bodies need to resist. Certainly, your bumper is quite brittle, it’s mostly plastic and its idea is not to protect the car. It’s designed to protect you.

What does this indicate? In the past when two vehicles collided, the passengers inside would regularly be seriously harmed, because of the backlash or acceleration effect. Frequently the steering wheel would break the chest of the drivers, since it was made out of metal.

The bumpers of present day automobiles works as a shock absorber. It gets broken easily, but in a way to decrease the velocity of the car as much as possible before the complete break of movement. By doing this the effect of acceleration is decreased and the backlash will certainly not be as critical. Nevertheless, such force is still not minimal, as we still employ airbags.

The idea that human life is more important than an …

Car Servicing – Important Tips for Minimizing the Service Costs

Unexpected huge maintenance and servicing costs for your car can burn a hole in your pocket. If you are on a strict budget, it can affect your financial situation. Why should you break banks when you can minimize your car servicing costs and keep your car in good health by following a few useful tips?


Tips to minimize servicing costs

Tip #1

Follow the maintenance schedule – If you follow the maintenance schedule regularly you can avoid major servicing expenditure. You can make most of the maintenance checks yourselves without going to a car mechanic. What are the checks to be made regularly?

  • Fluid level – You have to make sure that the levels of oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid etc. are correct.
  • Tire check – Prolonging the life of your car tire will help in minimizing the service costs of your car. You have to check tire inflation at frequent intervals. Make sure you check the air pressure of your car tire. Check for cracks, wear and other abnormalities from time to time. If your tire retailer offers a free check and free replacement, make sure you make use of them.
  • Air filter check – Check your air filter frequently to make sure that it is free from dirt and debris. A clean air filter helps in decreasing fuel consumption. Changing the air filter every 4-6 months is advisable. Buy genuine spare parts for your car. If you have Toyota car, use Toyota parts and not others.
  • Check on lights – Turn on the engine of your car and turn the lights on. Ask your friend or your family to check if the lights are good. Replacing bulbs and indicators are simple DIY projects. All you need is your ‘servicing and maintenance manual’.
  • Brake check – You should make sure that your hand brake is able to hold your car at high places.

Tip #2

Give your car some rest, if the engine is overheated – Never ignore the discomforts and the warnings of your body if you want to avoid bigger health risks. The same principle applies for your car also. When your car engine is overheated, don’t ignore it. Pull your car off the road and allow the engine to cool down. This small tip is very helpful in minimizing the service costs of your car.

Tip #3

Replacement of timing belts and chains – Changing the timing belt and chain every 60,000 miles is a necessity. When you postpone the changing of belts for a long time, your car engine may head for a major failure. If you want to avoid major service expenditure, you should replace timing belt and chain at the right time. Remember that your Toyota car needs only the Toyota car parts and accessories and nothing else, if you want it to run efficiently.

Tip #4

Clean car batteries – Use baking soda to get rid of corrosions will prolong the life of your car battery. This …