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Avis car rental opening timesFrom the starting of time car rentals have been only accessible on a per day, per week, per mile basis. I absolutely share the frustration of all of you. We took the Regus workplace in India – Chennai – Citi Center and as most of you have sited, the automatic renewal of the contract or binding clause, of you can not give notice to terminate was not discussed through out the intial discussions. And to best it, they have Incredibly POOR SERVICE, the way complaints are handled, could drive any sane individual histeric. They would ingore the client, as if they dont exist, except ofcourse when its time to pay the bills. Even, if you threaten to vacate the office, they care a damn, and infact the the management, wickedly smiled and stated, it none of their problem, the client is bind to the contract and none of the services are terminable if when taken.

I asked to alter my membership from Businessworld to Gold Card, plus have had troubles of being overcharged for space bookings and my on-line account being set up wrongly so that I am unable to make bookings. Trying to sort these things out, I have spent several hours on the phone being passed from division to division, on what seems like a quest to waste my time rather than resolve my problems. One month on, none of my concerns have but been resolved.

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