Overview Of The Structure Of The UK Automotive Industry Provide Chain

UK automotive industry statisticsIn spite of a dull year for UK automobile manufactures as production declined by 19.6%, we nevertheless see some development in the automobile industry in the UK. For much more than 100 years, the automotive organization model has remained usually unchanged: people own vehicles that they can drive themselves. We are witnessing main trends that, taken individually, could be very disruptive to the state of the sector. Technological and behavioural aspects are among a long list of vital forces that will shape how the automotive marketplace evolves more than the next 10 to 20 years.

Hopefully widespread sense will prevail from both sides of the future negotiations and that barrier cost-free trade can continue amongst the UK and the EU. Nonetheless if an acceptable deal cannot be done by the politicians – then it is probable that new investment in the UK motor market will dry up. This will lead to an inevitable decline in the UK vehicle manufacturing market and falling production numbers.

Whilst from an environmental perspective, the new measures look typical sense, ought to companies fail to treat them seriously, main players in the industry could be left out in the cold, even though sales could subsequently suffer. According to current figures from the Society of Motor Companies, the UK’s new automobile market place is already shrinking due to this, with new car registrations down 9.three% in the month of July 2017. The month saw 161,997 new cars registered in the UK, down from … READ MORE >>>