Automotive Instruction & Consulting Brochure Sales Training Industry

Automotive Instruction & Consulting Brochure Sales Training Industry

Sales training automotive industryFor over 40 years, I have hand picked and co-developed the careers of the best trainers and speakers such as Jackie B.Cooper, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and numerous, numerous much more. Duane Marino is the trainer of today and embodies the best traits of the very best in his field, past and present. He not only understands the industry and the inner workings of a store, he can in fact do what he teaches in a store personally and does so often on his own auto lot and at stores across the nation. I can say that every single salesperson, manager and dealer should take advantage of what he has to offer you, from phone to sales to closing expertise, management coaching, F&I and sales psychology. HE’S YOUR MAN.

I started undertaking F&I at Ford. Following watching a lot of your videos so far in the final 5 months and then taking this course this week I feel like this will be a huge game changer for me. Because Could of 2016 till Dec my typical was 742 for these months…. I started this year off with an typical of 1846 for 16 bargains in January, this week could not have come at a greater time for me as I can already see how this is going to aid me in my profession as an FSM…. I know we are not fairly done but but I just wanted to say thank you as your way of instruction is one particular of the greatest designs I have ever been a portion of, and I can’t wait to get in touch with you in 6 months down the road to let you know how my averages have changed.

Duane’s continual studies of all sales methods, his years of selling in dealerships across North America stacked with his deep trainings in several diverse disciplines of applied psychology, have provided birth to the most efficient world wide web, e mail and face to face sales practices in the automotive marketplace today. FLOW Selling is your template for quick, friendly, ethical sales and transaction processes that are in tune with today’s educated and connected customers who have ever-shorter consideration spans and a robust distaste for long, drawn out, deceptive sales practices from decades of old, irrelevant automotive sales practices.

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sales training automotive industryOur courses have been created with enterprise and industry and will expose you to a range of experiences and challenges and provide a mix of theory and sensible instruction. Our skilled trainers will guide you each and every step of the way and the skills and understanding you will create will location you amongst the leading professionals in your sector.

The Certificate III in Automotive Sales prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers who are performing general sales and advertising and marketing functions in an automotive retail, service or repair business. The components interpreting stream of this Certificate III in Automotive …

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