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How to Find a Skilled and Reliable Painting Contractor

Working with a paint contractor to do the job for you is worth the added expense, but only if you hire the right one. To ensure that your project will come out successful, you just need to do a bit of homework.

Take the following into account before committing to a paint contractor:

License, Bond and Insurance
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It’s not difficult to see that as long as one has a paintbrush, he can start painting walls. Of course, you’d like to hire someone who is a true professional, a contractor who will stand by his work. When a painter is licensed, bonded and insured, it shows that you are protected as a consumer, and the contractor can be legally held responsible for outcome of your project.
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Estimates and Recommendations

Whatever estimate you get from a certain contractor should be within the same range as those given to you by two others at least. It is not a good sign if one of them makes a bid that is significantly lower than the rest. It can mean that shortcuts will be taken, or that the contractor is desperate to get projects due to negative client reviews. In any case, estimates and recommendations should all be submitted in writing. Clarify if the estimate is a fixed price; if so, make sure you know everything that will be included.

Client References

Don’t forget to ask your prospects for client references (three is okay), and call these people. Let them give you a picture of their experiences with the contractor you’re thinking of hiring.

Professional Affiliations

Choose a contractor who is a member of local and/or national contractors’ associations. This often proves the painter’s commitment to observing the highest standards in performing his job.

Work Guarantee

The contractor you hire must guarantee his work in writing. Such guarantee should not only include the quality of the work itself, but also the exact items to be painted on and the maximum amount of time it will take to finish the job.

Experience and Professionalism

If you come across a contractor who has years of experience; conducts himself professionally, which includes returning your emails or calls in a timely manner; and is busy, then you’ve probably found the one you’re searching for.

Excellent Quality Paint and Application

Very importantly, pick a contractor who uses top quality paint and painting materials. Your painting project’s results will ultimately be defined by these things, and of course, by your painter’s skills. Also ensure that two coats of paint be applied. Don’t take anything too lightly granted as you enter into an agreement with a paint contractor. Finally, go through each item on the contract, ensuring that all items are fair to the both parties, before affixing your signature.