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Cash for Cars: Guidelines for Selling Your Used Vehicle

Do you want to sell your used car? If you said yes, are you familiar with what steps to take before doing it? First of,if it’s an old vehicle, consider selling it at a salvage yard with a “cash for cars” program.

Having said that, below are 6 steps to selling your used vehicle.
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Give your car the best look
It is quite evident how important presentation can be when it comes to marketing anything. A car with a better appearance is more likely to earn you more money. You need to spend valuable time cleaning both the inner and outer parts of your car. It has to look attractive to any potential purchaser. You can hand this work to a mobile car detailer if you are not well suited to do it. Over the whole sale period of your car, retain its clean look.
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Setting the price

Do some detailed research before deciding on a specific price for your vehicle. Nevertheless, you can still set a high-end price, but make sure you give a good explanation for it. There’s a chance that you have customized your used car with high standard additions and want value for your cash. If you are right on the pricing, potential buyers will most probably take an interest in your car.


These days the Internet offers the best avenue for almost everything. It has provided a new and better platform for sellers and buyers to interact. It is also proven to be among the cheapest avenues to advertise goods and services. Be extra careful as you decide to advertise your car over the internet since it has its cons as well. Never include your home address in the ad, this is recommended to lessen any shortcomings that might come with it. However, don’t forget to mention any extras your car has in the ad.


Make sure the vehicle logbook, owner’s manual and service reports are there for the buyer to check. Additional documents such as receipts for any upgrades done on the car should also be made available. In order to have a smooth sale, keep these documents well. Ensure you inform the buyer about the amount of registration remaining for the car.

The test drive

Make sure you ask the buyer to be in possession of their drivers’ license before you meet for the test drive. Never allow a buyer without a valid driving license to test drive your car. Nonetheless, it is prudent to ask your insurance company if they cover any accidents that occur during a test drive.


The moment a purchaser has made up their mind to buy your used car, it is important to write them a receipt indicating that the car vehicle is being sold as is. Ensure you keep a signed copy of the receipt.

KissCam Announces International Expansion For App


(Denver, CO)— KissCam, LLC (KissCam), a privately held entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company, has a unique photo messaging app for mobile devices that enables users to shoot or load videos and pictures, drop the videos/photos directly inside a KissCam heart frame then share it privately with friends and family or post it publicly through social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since launching the app in July 2016, thousands of people around the world have downloaded the free KissCam app. From the USA and Canada, India and Asia, South America and Africa, users worldwide are uploading memorable KissCam photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter daily.

The KissCam App delivers an experience that is fun and entertaining by giving users the ability to publish their own candid photography right inside the world-renowned KissCam heart frame just like the one from their favorite sporting venue. Anyone can view KissCam pictures and videos on the company’s website,, or using #realKissCam on Instagram, @theKissCam on Twitter, or KissCam’s Facebook page.

Now, KissCam is expanding their photo messaging application into venues around the world. Major sporting leagues including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, and Cricket, as well as international sports and entertainment events worldwide, are bringing KissCam to the masses. The KissCam app is captivating audiences during sporting events with unique contests for the most candid, fun, or creative KissCam moment! KissCam is also working with companies on innovative ways to incorporate advertising into the entertaining and imaginative KissCam photo frames to reach new markets across the globe.

“We are excited our international KissCam app will be used by sports leagues to engage their fans all over the world,” commented Dana Veitch, KissCam’s CEO. “We believe these new uses for the KissCam app will significantly engage fans at Sports venues worldwide in fun contests as well as open up new avenues for companies to reach unique advertising markets worldwide. Our goal is to give audiences and sports fans the ability to have KissCam in their pocket.”

“The KissCam app is a unique social platform with great market potential,” said Alec Tremaine, CEO of Defy Marketing ( “We are pleased to be working with the KissCam team to create new marketing and technology solutions to deploy this platform internationally.”

About KissCam, LLC:

Founded in 2012, KissCam, LLC ( is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company that has developed a mobile application to launch the candid KissCam experience globally via social networking platforms. KissCam, LLC owns the KissCam Trademark worldwide. After launching the KissCam app via social networking worldwide, KissCam, LLC is now introducing their unique video/photo messaging technology into multiple venues through major sports leagues around the world including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, and Cricket, as well as international sports and entertainment events around the world. More information can be found at


How I Achieved Maximum Success with Firearms

Important Information That You Need To Know About Firearms For those individuals out there who are planning on buying or owning firearms, it is your responsibility to make sure that the one you got is exactly what you need to have. Custom firearms are considered as one of the many factors that will definitely affect you decision making when it comes to choosing the right firearm for your needs. We all know how dangerous firearms can be when misused that is why you need to make it a point to become as responsible as possible when handling your guns and make sure that you are protected as much as you can. Protection and safe keeping is very important since these firearms are something that not everyone can own, except yourself. You will most certainly be owning weapons that are not only known for being unique and one of a kind, but also for being especially made for your therefore, making you the only on to own them. There might be times when your visitor will ask you about where did you get your guns since they are not being made available in the market. If you are going to go and buy your own firearms or weapons, you need to know that there are now tons of choices that you can opt for. There are actually certain aspects that must be taken into account when it comes to this kind of venture in order for you to get the chance of getting the best results possible. You need to know how significantly important it is to plan and make sure that such plan is being done in the best possible way since this will guarantee you that following such plan will give you the ideal results you would want to have. In addition to that, by doing this, you are also guaranteeing yourself of getting the results that you are looking for and expecting to obtain. If you are going to choose for a weapon or firearm that you want to own, make sure that that firearm is has the most ideal style possible. Another thing that you need to know about firearms is that when you feel like you want to customize it, it can be done possibly, especially now that there are already lots of firearms that can be customized. It is very important to make sure that the weapons or firearms you own can be used as easily as possible since this is something that you need to have with you all the time.

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How to Achieve Maximum Success with Teams

The LA Clippers: Facts for Fans

If you’re a fan of basketball then you probably know the Los Angeles Clippers and how popular they are in this day and age. If you’re a new fan, then you might want to read more about this team and how they started out. If you’re from the state of California then it’s highly likely that you would be supporting this team throughout their journey. They are part of basketball history and it’s only for you to want to know more about each of the players and the team itself. A little bit of a trivia wouldn’t hurt so maybe it’s time for some of that. With so much learning on your end, you would become an even bigger and better fan.

Facts you need to be aware of concerning the team are as follows:

This team had a different name a few years back, in fact, it’s had already two names before the current one. For every name, it also represented a different location – two different ones to be exact. This happened over the course of several decades, during a time when they were now as popular as they are now. It was in the mid 80’s when the team finally got the name of LA Clippers which it has carried on until now.

Paul Snyder was the person who founded this team all those years ago.

It costs millions of dollars for this team to have the name that it has right now. It has had several different owners over the years, all of whom were millionaires. Most of them were high profile too, which is kind of what you expect from a basketball team owner.

This team, like another one based in the same city, also has a huge fan base. They have millions of followers tracking their progress every season.

A player for another basketball team back in the 80’s was once hired as assistant coach for this team right around that time as well. Of course, this guy was popular as well and even made a name for himself in the sport all those years ago. He did well throughout his stint. This season, for them, has progressed quite well and a lot of fans are definitely tracking their every game.

These guys have their own facility to practice in and you just can’t get any better than that when team play is concerned. This is how they became a big time team officially.

Originally, they were first formed in the 1800’s over a one hundred plus years ago. It was many years ago when a man, by the name of James Naismith, created a team which he didn’t think would last more than a century later.

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Diving – Getting Started & Next Steps

Amazing Facts to Note on Scuba Diving By having certification in open water scuba diving certification the person can dive all over the world and in order to get this certification the person has to satisfy the written course requirements and passing the exam, demonstrate pool skills and complete four open water checkout dives. Classroom training is the first step in scuba diving certification and it is a fun and interactive option with videos, slides and real diving experiences shared by staffers and the courses give the person additional information that is not found in normal textbooks and video courses which ensure that the learners have the knowledge and skills they need to be good divers. Pool training is the other part of training which some schools do in heated pools that have the highest quality of diving gear provided by the person and students are divided into small groups to receive personalized instruction from staff members. It is good to note that the last part is open water certification that is done after the person completes the classroom and the pool work and there are four open water checkout drives that one is required to pass for certification. One of the options is to complete the dives locally on the weekend in the quarry, the other option is to join the monthly scuba open water certification dive trips that are organized at the end of each course in the best diving environment and the last option is to complete the dives at one’s personal vacation at their preferred destination. One of the things is that the person must attend one of the monthly orientation meetings that are offered free of charge, the full lecture course together with pool training that is offered on either select weekends or weeknights and the good thing is that there are several options available for both weekend and weeknight courses, private classes and self-study. The weekend course is a two day intensive weekend course that meets from 9 am to 9 pm or a three day vacation weekend course that begins from 10 am to 8 pm but it starts at 9 am on the first day and the course includes classroom sessions during the day, a one hour lunch break after which there is pool training in the evening.
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There is also a weeknight course where the students meet for two nights a week from 7 pm to 10.30 pm for more than six weeks and at least six meetings. It is good to state that the students decide together which day they would like to meet in between the week and the first two meetings take place in the classroom then the next two sessions take place in the pool whereas the last two sessions take place in a classroom.Diving – My Most Valuable Tips