California Air Sources Board Rejects Volkswagen Recall Plan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Right now, California regulators rejected Volkswagen’s (VW) proposal for recalling 1000’s of vehicles rigged to bypass state and federal air-air pollution requirements. In September 2015, the company admitted to putting in software in certain diesel automobiles designed to bypass pollution control methods, leading to harmful emissions up to 40 instances allowed by law.

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Immediately’s filing of a civil grievance below Sections 204 and 205 of the Clean Air Act seeks injunctive aid and the assessment of civil penalties. A civil complaint does not preclude the federal government from searching for other legal treatments. The United States will seek to transfer its case and fully participate in the pretrial proceedings now initiated in the associated multi-district litigation in the Northern District of California. The United States’ investigation is ongoing, in close coordination with CARB. EPA and CARB have been in lively dialogue with Volkswagen about potential remedies and remembers to deal with the noncompliance, and those discussions are ongoing.

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